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Body fat % calculation question

8/17 8:51:26

Ive proposed a contest between friends the judging factors are weight loss, body fat % and waist size.  One friend says his body fat % will be effected because of the extra skin he has left over from gastric bypass surgery so that is not a fair comparison factor.  Does the extra skin from the surgery REALLY effect overall body fat%?

You would think that it would but in reality it does not. Rational behind this is for example a person who has a min. body weight of 135 but once weighted 235 would have loose skin but if the person returned to 135 their body fat would be minimal even with the extra skin. Why you ask is because a person who is at their minimum body weight could not possibly be registering a body fat count that reflects excess body fat. In this persons case you would skip the caliper and go to the  the plain and simple weight scale that measure weight,water,body muscle,and body fat.This would give you an easier to determine number.
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