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Green Tea

8/17 8:51:15

Green tea is a wonder drink to stay healthy as it has lots of health benefits. Is it good if the consumption of green tea is HIGH? How many cups of green tea is advisable to drink in a day? And in-taking capsules which has green tea extract saying "Equivalent to drinking 7 cups of green tea" is advisable? and please state if there is any negatives of drinking green tea.


Hi Nikhil,

Great question!

Green tea is indeed a very healthy food - as are just about every green edible plant. Eating green tea powder in capsules is different than drinking green tea, because when you brew the tea the caffeine is released. So you could theoretically eat a lot more green tea powder than you could drink green tea because there's no caffeine release from the powders (as long as they weren't high heated).

It should be safe to drink 10 or so glasses of green tea a day - the only thing to worry about would be the caffeine, not the other nutrients in the tea. As long as you're not overdoing it on caffeine or drinking way too much liquid, you should feel safe drinking several glasses a day and/or taking a green tea powdered supplement that is raw.

I hope that helps!

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Wishing you wellness,
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