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Liquid diet

8/17 8:51:13

Can someone live on a liquid diet for life?

Hi Ashley. Thanks for writing in.
To address your question, the answer is a very firm NO.
One of the main reasons for this is mental. You could very possibly maintain a diet like this for a few weeks or even a month but I'd worry about long term effects. Think about it like this, imagine not using your arms for an extended period of time. The muscles will get weak and you lose your motor skills. Same goes for the mouth and jaw structure.
Nobody can survive like this for very long because the first step of digestion is chewing of your food.

While there are great whole food alternatives like pre and post workout protein shakes, and meal replacement shakes, neither of these are effective enough to live a healthy lifestyle. It would be impossible to get all the nutrients necessary for normal healthy function.

A diet such as this almost is promised to take away something vital such as protein to maintain muscle, carbs to provide energy and brain function, fiber to aide digestion, and fats to help absorb nutrients and provide energy.

Finally you must consider cost. It is actually much cheaper to purchase whole foods than it is to buy pre made or powdered meal drinks.

Check out my site at www.bestfitnessnow.com to get some better ways to design your diet.

Thanks again.
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