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Stomach isnt slimming down

8/17 8:50:42

Hi there.

I am female, 19 yrs old, I weigh 121 lbs and am 5"4'.
For the past 6 weeks or so I have been really trying to lose weight, as my stomach, hips and thighs have a fair bit of excess fat, particularly my stomach.

In order to do so, I've been eating really healthy - 5 small meals a day - (mainly soy milk, lean meat, tuna, vegies, whole grains, eggs) eating around 1300 calories, drinking a lot of water, and doing about 30 mins of cardio every day.

I've lost 2 kilos, however none of it seems to have come from my stomach. I've only really noticed it from my legs and a bit from my hips. First I thought that it might just take some more time, but in the last few days my stomach seems even bigger than it was in the first place.

At one point I was doing ab exercises but then I realised they would make my stomach stick out so I stopped doing them, do you think that's why my stomach is sticking out? From the underlying muscle that I built up?
I'm pretty sure it isn't bloating. It sticks out just as much in the morning, and I have next to no sodium, and the only liquid I drink is water.

Should I start doing the 'vacuum exercise' or something to slim it down?

Please help, pretty frustrated. Been trying to get a flat stomach for more than a year now.

Hi Ashlee,
According to your height and weight you are at quite an ideal weight, and the way you look now may just be your body type.
I'm wondering what you are hoping your abs will look like and if this is realistic. As a woman you will have fat under the skin over your reproductive organs for protection. You'll never have a caved-in stomach area unless you are very ill. And the fact that you feel ab exercises will make your stomach stick out makes me think that is what you're looking for.
It's not uncommon for young women to fixate on their diet, weight, and body, but if it begins to consume most of your waking moments, please consider speaking to a health care professional so you can get on with a happy life and a healthy body!
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