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How to gain weight

8/17 8:50:22

Hi i am very skinny, i am 21 years old and my weight is 56 kg, please can you give me ways that can help me increase my weight ?

Hi Richard,

The simple answer is, people need to eat more calories in order to gain weight!

There are a few ways to go about doing this.

1) Eat at least 3 full meals per day, and aim for a snack after every meal as well

2) Try including higher calorie foods: fruits, vegetables and low-fat proteins are healthy foods, but when people eat these and exclude other foods (like peanut butter, whole-fat milk, gravies and sauces) it can be extremely difficult to gain weight

3) Consider a supplement beverage, like Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink.
There are many, many supplement drinks ranging from those aimed at older people (like Ensure), people who need more calories (like Boost) and even so-called "protein bars" for athletes who need a compact way to take in many calories.

I have seen many people who feel like they are eating a LOT. But often they are missing meals and neglecting snacks. Try keeping a food diary for a couple of weeks to see where you are lacking during the day and how you can set up a plan to get more calories in during those times.
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