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8/17 8:50:00

Hi, I have a four yr old who just had the breath test positive for sibo. I have an rd appt in several weeks. My child just finished a course of flagyl and is looking and feeling much better. I wanted some advice on what diet to follow. I have been doing the lowfodmap diet for a week or so now but now see the specific carbohydrate diet. I have been giving her grains just not wheat, substituting quinoa and rice  and almond flour but am wondering if this is right. Which diet if any is good to help with sibo. I am just reading in the net until we see the rd. I just need some advice until we have our appt.

Thanks so much

I recommend a diet that contains only modest amounts of fiber found naturally in fruits and vegetables.Adequate fluid intake throughout the day is also important.Potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, and cereals are also ok.Fresh, non-starchy vegetables should also be part of your child's food intake. Cooked or lightly steamed vegetables are better then raw vegetables, because they are easier to digest.

Thanks & Good luck  
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