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diet, exercise, and weight loss plateau

8/17 8:49:58

hello once more Laurie, i was just wondering what kind of a diet i should follow with a weight loss plateau and what kind of exercises should i do. you probably gave me clues previously already. i know that sodium and carbs are a big block when it comes to losing weight.

Hi Christopher,

You needn't change your diet for a plateau. Just maintain a healthy regimen!

Myplate.gov has some great guidelines. There are other websites that give good guidance and allow you to track your calorie intake and exercise (walking is great for now...can you go 5 days a week? Can you do 5 minutes more than you have been?)

Try myfitnesspal, Sparkpeople, Fitday, for starters.I'm guessing you'd shoot for something around 2000 calories a day.

Good luck!
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