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8/17 8:49:56

I am losing weight slowly but surely with a low fat'low glycemic diet and exercise. My belly however, has not budged an inch-although I can barely pinch an inch!
My wife says its the booze. I am not an alcoholic, but I have a couple of beers every night, and on weekends quite a few more. When I get home from work, I go for a run, then watch sports and have a couple. I can probably cut down my drinking to Saturday nights only. Will this help?

Without your statistics and measurements I can't really tell what's going on with you, but in general:
If you're losing weight and you have belly fat, you will eventually lose fat there.
It doesn't really matter where in your diet you cut calories, the fewer you eat, the more you will lose.
Cutting down on alcohol has far more benefits than weight loss! I would strongly suggest trying to cut down on alcohol for your liver, triglycerides, as well as your weight. The calories in beer carry no nutrition, so this would be a great place to trim more calories!
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