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Hello. I used to take multivitamins for a while and it was helpful. I decided to stick with b complex for energy. I started taking that after I finished the bottle. Now I have less energy. Was it a bad idea to do that? I mean switch vitamins so soon? I've been taking complex for a few weeks. I dont feel energetic. I noticed after I stopped one a day, I felt lazy. Why is all this happening?

Hi Lisa, thanks for writing in.

Personally I think a multi vitamin and mineral supplement is much better than a stand alone B complex. And you can get the whole B family in most if not all multis.

Here is the thing, a lot of people think that if they take a B complex, especially B12 it will help them be energized. That is not really the case. Sure some of the B's have benefits involved in energy production in the body, people over estimate them and liken them to stimulants like caffeine. I'm not saying this is you, its just the "mystique" a B complex gets.

I recommend a multivitamin because it is hard to get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals from food. "Experts" will have you believe that you get everything you need from food. In a perfect world that is true. But the majority of people, especially Americans, don't eat this way. Even those who eat well face the issues of low potency foods because of early harvesting and soil depletion. Crops are often harvested before they can mature just to get them to stores faster. This lessens the nutritional benefits of produce. But I won't bore you with critiques of farming practices.

Another reason that it is good to supplement with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, is due to environmental factors. Things like how busy you may be or lack of sleep all factor in.
Also if you regularly exercise, you need to supplement with more nutrients.

Try to find a multivitamin that provides at least 100% of the daily value. If it goes over that is ok. If you have issues with blood clotting or stuff like that be careful of excessive vitamin K.
Be sure to take it with food, as vitamins A,D,E, and K are all fat soluble, meaning they need fat to be used by the body. Also taking it with food helps if you have a sensitive stomach or digestion issues.
The best time to take it is with breakfast, but if it calls for 2 pills, take one with breakfast and one with your afternoon/evening meal to cover the day.  
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