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Bad Diet

8/17 8:49:51

I'm 21 years old and I very much want to change my lifestyle. My diet is bad. Sometimes I continue to eat without realizing and even when I'm already full. It's mostly a lot of sugary candy, biscuits, chocolate, fast food, soda etc. I feel bad afterward but I can't seem to stop. I want to eat healthier and feel better and get into shape before the end of the year so I can go to the beach without feeling ashamed. I do NO exercises at all.

I sit at my computer for literally hours a day. I know all this sounds really shameful and it is. I'm not overweight, but I have a lot of cellulite and stretch marks on my lower half and lately I've just felt disgusting and I don't know how to motivate myself to get UP AND GET BETTER! I'm not sure what types of food will help me change my body and my mood and make me feel better.

I've tried to workout a bit and then I feel really sore for days though I know that is probably my fault for abusing my body for so long.

Would you have any tips perhaps on how I can stop eating so badly and actually get up? With the lifestyle I live right now, how do you think it will affect me later? I want to make a change this year so much. My partner works all day so its hard to motivate myself when I'm alone and the voice in my head can be mean.

Well, I'm not a motivational expert, so I really can't help you find that THING you need to help get you off your butt. You have to find it within yourself to WANT to change. Me, personally, I just got sick and tired of being FAT, sore, and out of breath all of the time. All I can give you are workout and food tips... and you can find them all on my web site.

You already know what foods NOT to eat. You just listed them yourself. Stick to LEAN proteins, whole-grain carbs, and healthy fats (see my site).

If you're super sore after a workout, then you're GOING AT IT TOO HARD to start. Make your workouts a little easier at first. Walk a mile. Then the next day walk 1.5. Then walk 2. Then once you're up to 5 miles, start lightly jogging. You have to ease your body into it.
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