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No red meat?

8/17 8:49:46

I have tried lots of diets to no avail. I have a very slow metabolism, and an endomorph body type. I low carbed for years with only limited success-I just couldn't handle all that meat, even though I ate the leanest cuts. In fact red meat started to give me bad gas and bloating, so I cut it out. I have stated to lose a little weight now with no red meat, and my belly has shrunk. Is it possible I am allergic to it? This goes against conventional wisdom which says I should eat lots of lean meat and less carbs.
Thinking back to the 80's, I had a job in the meat department of a grocery store, and could not eat much red meat, having to work with it all day. I lost weight then too.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Bud,

I am sorry to say I can't speak on the possibility of being allergic to red meat. This is out of my expertise and not something I'd even have enough information to consider.
I can say that it may very well be a digestive issue causing the bloating and such. Everyone is different and their digestive systems while similar in process can vary in its efficiency.

Personally I don't buy into the whole this body type eats this and avoids that belief. Finding the right diet is a game of trial and error and finding what works for you as Bud the person, not body type X or blood type Y.

Can you eat stuff like poultry or fish? It is very possible that you just have some digestive issue with something in red meat.
What about dairy?

My suggestion is that you just see what combination works for you. Try utilizing more poultry and fish in your diet and see how that works. If you find that starch (wheat, rice, oats) put unwanted weight on you then stick with stuff like vegetables.
I'm much more a believer in carb tolerance than I am metabolic body types.  
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