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Gangrene on toes and nutrition

8/17 8:49:46

Current feet condition
Current feet condition  
On Feb 24th my dad was rushed to the Hospital. It would up being septic shock form a dog bite a few days earlier. He needed vasopressors to help the blood pressure and as a result his feet had some gangrene on them.

He was basically in ICU for a few weeks and under care for about a month total. He is basically fine and healthy now except for some tingling in his hands (which also got cold and dark at one point) and his feet which still have gangrene.

The left foot is basically 99%. All the black has gone away and now there is just some slight discoloration and a tiny amount of puffiness on a toe or two.

The right foot/ankle is still very swollen, but a lot of the black has receded over the months. He has no feeling in the toes, but there is shooting pain and tingling every now and again. There is direct pain when he is moving his toes or walking.

The black that is left is hardened/mummified, but some pieces are slightly peeled up and below is what appears to be pinkish tissue.

His treatment to this point has been Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment daily, and he is supposed to be eating healthy.

He does a relatively good job of eating, but it could be very much improved. His daily intake consist of Toast/butter/jelly, a lot of OJ, and yogurt for breakfast or mid day snacks. And at night usually some sort of terrible looking microwave dinner, then a late night bowl of cereal with 2% milk.

I'd prefer he go all natural and keep the sugar and sodium down as low as possible and load up on quality proteins and lots of water. Not to mention a lot of greens.

I've also enjoyed some extended green juice fasting myself and would like you thoughts on him doing something like that?

Thank you.

Hi Sean,
Sorry to hear of your dad's troubles but I am glad he is doing better.
I'm not too versed on nutrition as it relates to what happened to him, but you're right in that he can make better food choices.

One thing I see is that his diet is rather acidic. Do you have a pool or know anything about a pool? You have to have a certain pH level in your water or the water gets cloudy and you have a host of other issues. Basically its not clean.
The body is the same. we all have a pH that we need to keep in check or our body will not work right.
In fact the body needs to be slightly alkaline to work right. Do you know chemistry? Me either. But I do know that the body being to acidic is bad.

Foods like dairy, wheat, and eggs can make your body more acidic. foods that combat this are stuff like fruits, greens, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and soy beans. You can also buy alkaline water. https://drinkrealwater.com/

As you can see your dad's diet is pretty acidic. He doesn't have to abandon these foods but try to introduce some of the others I mentioned so he can find a mid point. And try to get him to drink more water (alkalized or tap) to flush his system.

Personally I'd avoid any juice fasts as I don't believe in them. However it can be a good addition to his diet. Blend up some dark greens and fruits. The best part is that most green leafy vegetables are tasteless so when blended with stuff like fruit they disappear. He loves orange juice right? Well throw 2 oranges and some other fruit in a blended with 2 cups spinach and see how he likes it.

Hopefully this helps out some. Let me know how it goes. Also try to get him to do some exercise. Even 15 minutes 4 times a week.  
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