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Juicing vs blending

8/17 8:49:32

Thank you in advance for your time.  I'm confused about the difference of juicing versus blending (smoothies).  I realize juicing removes the fiber from fruits / vegs - but I don't understand why people want to.   know when people detox they use juicers and remove fiber but I would think fiber would help detoxify wouldn't it?  I know that if you are eating that many fruits and vegs every day you many need to cut back on the fiber but that's the only reason I could see.  I just purchased a vitamix and I'm using it often - just to be healthier - not to lose weight.  Thanks, Karen

Hi Karen,

Juicing is basically removing the juice from a fruit or vegetable. Most juicers will as you say extract the pulp which contains the fiber. I never really understood this myself. I guess they just like the thinner juice as opposed to the thickness of the pulp. Ironically most bottled juice is 90% water. If you make apple juice at home its cloudy, in the store its clear.

Blending liquefies ingredients (assuming they are liquid based) and combines them. Of course you can also blend solids like oats to make oat flour.

In reality what you want is emulsion which comes from machines like the VitaMix or Health Master. They are usually more powerful than your typical blender and can grind ice and other stuff that may just clump or chunk in a regular blender.
I my self use the Ninja. I got a neat one that even makes dough.  
But I am really off topic now.

As far as the detox, yes people use juices. The thing is that 99% of detoxes are BS. I actually just wrote a section about them in a nutrition e book I'm writing.
The fiber doesn't come into play because detox diets are not healthy to begin with. But in reality, yes you'd want the fiber.

There is nothing wrong with keeping the fiber in your smoothie. The average person needs about 30 grams a day. The average American is lucky if they get even 15 grams a day and most get as low as 10.

By the way, where are you from in Ohio, I'm envious. I'm originally from Cleveland and desperately trying to move back there.  
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