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tub margarine with 0 trans fat.

8/17 8:49:21

Is there one available?If so,how much sat. fat does it have?Thanks!

Hi Randy,

The answer to your question is "I have no clue". To be perfectly honest, we dissuade our clients from eating margarine (or any other processed/diet foods)and I've not eaten it in over 20  years  as the chemicals and preservatives far outweigh the calorie savings of good old, wholesome butter (in appropriate amounts, of course.)

There are dozens of brands of margarine on the market. You would have to look at the labels to find the one(s) with the least saturated fat.

All of that having been said, when possible, I always recommend substituting margarine or butter with olive oil which contains a lot of monounsaturated fat which help with cholesterol and encourage your body to burn fat (vs other types of fats).  As with anything, always be mindful of portions. 1 tsp of butter or oil = 1 fat serving.

In Health,

dianne villano  
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