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Adjusting to low fat diet?

8/17 8:49:13

My doc looked at my 'numbers' and said it was time to go on a low fat diet to lose weight and improve my heart health. Can it take months for your body to adjust to a low fat diet, especially if you are older, going from meat heavy, to one based on carbs,plant protein and very low fat meat and fish?? I am a guy that ate lots of meat for over 50 years, plus was on a low carb diet. About a week into eating this new low fat diet-BTW I am not hungry I can eat all the fat free starches I want- I was overcome with fat/meat cravings so I gave in and kind of went overboard on the weekend. I work nights (4pm to midnight, Mon-Fri) so I can stick to the low fat during the day and pretty much ignore the cravings while working, then just go to bed when I get home, but weekends are tough. I plan on sticking to it as its not that hard, I am not starving, and my BP has gone down and my belt has gone in a notch. Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Barry,  low-fat diets are fine but you still have to watch out for high carbohydrates, carbohydrates turn to sugar and can increase your insulin levels. Also some type of exercise would be beneficial. As for the cravings you can add fiber to your diet and that should help to eliminate them ,but while adding fiber to your diet is good you need to drink water to flush that out. Most important is to get your vegetable intake each day.

Good luck with your diet

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