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Oxalates and Green smoothies

8/17 8:49:07

Hello: I am a fairly healthy 66 year old male,and I read an article that suggested consuming more leafy green vegetables might slow one's mental decline ( http://www.zmescience.com/medicine/mind-and-brain/leafy-green-brain-06072015/?ut ).
My diet is deficient in leafy greens,and I was wondering if I could increase my intake with green smoothies.Looking for green smoothie recipes led me to a website that suggested this was a bad idea,as leafy greens are high in oxalates ( http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/how-green-smoothies-can-devastate-your-he ). Is there any truth to this? I have never had kidney stones,nor has anyone else in my family.Thanks!

Hello Michael,

It sure can be confusing, reading all these contradictory articles: One day a food is good for you and the next day it's not!

That's why the best practice is eating a variety of foods in a balanced diet. Too many leafy greens may cause a variety of issues, given the right circumstances; but as you say, you do not have kidney stones, so oxalate should not be an issue.

Leafy greens are also good sources of vitamin A, folic acid, and vitamin C, not to mention fiber and phytochemicals.
If you can take them in a smoothie once in a while, get them that way. Others find they like raw forms of these vegetables, like using spinach leaves on a sandwich instead of lettuce, or adding baby greens to a tossed salad.

I admire your attempt to eat healthy, but researching which foods are good/bad will end up confusing even the most intelligent scientist.... just keep your aim on incorporating a variety of foods each day and avoiding too much of the foods everyone agrees aren't 'good for you' like sugar, salt, and saturated fats!

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