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8/17 8:49:02

ii am 81 year old male with sodium level of133.i also have diabetes.i urinate a lot 15 times a day and on occasion when itake prune juice for constipation have8 normal bowel movements not diarrhea daily .it stops after o ist day.concerned aabout loss of sodium with urine and bowel movements.should I take more salt about 400mg in my diet.like pzza eetc.hane no symptons like dizziness or lightheaded drink 6 glasses of water a day

Hello Howard,

There are lots of things that can cause frequent urination ... Diuretics, high blood sugar, prostate issues, just to name a few.
In a situation with healthy kidneys, all the sodium the body needs will be reabsorbed to maintain healthy levels.

If your physician was concerned that your sodium level was too low, I'm sure he would have ordered more tests or discussed the next steps to resolve the problem.  

The recommended sodium intake for a healthy person over the age of 50 is 1500 milligrams.
Since I am not one of your personal healthcare providers, I don't know enough about your medical history, medications, blood pressure, or other labs to recommend a specific sodium intake level for you.

Be sure to check with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medications!

Stay well,
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