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8/17 8:48:52

I have type 2 diabetes and take Glipazide.  Mediacore results.  Last A1c was 8.0.  I have been reading about a health food store drug called Glucocil.  Supposedly it lowers blood sugar.  Is this a scam or might it work?

Hello Ronald,

It's great to hear you are monitoring your glucose levels and aware of your A1C. That's the first step in diabetes management.

This supplement, glucocil, does contain some substances that are shown to help with their loosely-defined claims--namely B vitamins and fish oils. But you can easily get these in your diet (eating whole grains and fatty fish).
Here is some information on the latest research regarding chromium and diabetes: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Chromium-HealthProfessional/

The problem with over-the-counter supplements is, there is no regulatory agency to oversee their contents or their claims. The pill manufacturers have gotten around FDA supervision by proving that supplements such as this one are neither a food, nor a drug--so the FDA doesn't have the right to inspect or control anything about them. In other words, the pill could claim it contains something it doesn't, claim to work in a way it doesn't, or contain ingredients that aren't listed. No one, except the occasional curious private laboratory who decides to see what's really in them, will know the truth.

You would be better off concentrating on weight control (or weight loss if you are overweight) and including high-fiber foods in your diet to help delay glucose absorption after a meal or snack.

Keep monitoring your blood sugar, stay in touch with your physician, and find out if there is a registered dietitian who can work with you locally (often your area hospital will have an out-patient RD who can see you, and often your health insurance will cover 2-3 visits).

Let me know how it goes!!
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