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Food before bed a no no?

8/17 8:48:50

Hi! I would appreciate any suggestions for my issue. I have been working the night shift, 5pm to 1am for the last few months. I am having slow but steady success with a gluten free (I am sure I am non celiac gluten intolerant) low fat lowered calorie diet. I drive for  eight hours straight, with no time for a sit down meal, but I do take a sandwhich to eat while driving. The problem is I am usually hungry when I get home, and often eat too much. This not only hampers my weight loss efforts, as I have heard that eating before bed is a no-no (?) and also I usually wake up the next morning with nausea, which I believe is from my acid reflux. Of course the solution is to just not eat, or dont eat much, which I am able to do on my off nights, but thats tough on my work nights. Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi bud,

I will be happy to help you today.

So eating before bed . . if you eat 500 calories during your drive or 500 calories before bed, it really isn't going to make a big difference. It won't change the calorie count, 500 calories are always going to be 500 calories. Of course you should be eating every few hours, if you don't or you hold a different eating pattern, your body will become confused and you can experience some side effects, headaches, nausea etc.

There are many dry meals you can prepare for your drive, do some research on non refrigerated meals, also keep a high intake of your fruit and veggies to get those right vitamins. If your goal is weight loss then a solid training routine is in need as you drive 8 solid hours which isn't going to help you with your weight loss. I hope this helps.


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