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Chicken lunch meat ?is it (relatively) safe to eat in large quantities?

8/17 8:48:48

Hi there. I eat a lot of sliced chicken lunch meat from the supermarket ?maybe 150g a day.

I've checked the ingredients and it seems to be nitrate-free. Aside from the relatively high salt content (and I make sure that the rest of my diet is very low in salt), should I be worried about eating this much processed chicken?

Thank you!

High sodium content is the main reason why you want to stay away. Any individual food that contains more then 250 mg of salt is a no no. You would be better off buying chicken breast cooking and cutting into thin slices and eating it that way. Remember 2000 mg is the max recommended salt intake for one day for normal people and for people with any health issues it's much less then that.Processed foods are something you really want to stay away from as much as possible. I'm not saying that you can't indulge every once in awhile but a every day thing is something I could not advise.

Best of luck and if you want to know anything else about this topic feel free to write back.

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