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Red Meat=Weight Gain?

8/17 8:48:43

I have come to the conclusion that red meat packs the pounds on my belly. Genetics? A low carb even NO carb diet makes me GAIN weight! It wasnt until I lowered my calories and cut out red meat that I began to lose, and my digestion improved. There is not much info on this online, but there is a bit. My Asian friends eat no pork, only a little beef, mostly chicken and carbs. They eat lots and are rail thin. Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Bud

Red meat contains lots of fat and takes along time to digest so eating it can be a problem when dieting. As for carbs they are your first source of energy but, if you fail to deplete your supply they will  also become something other then energy and thus cause you to gain weight.Chicken also contains fat but it digests fairly easy thus doing one thing that meat does not do. This would be why it does not contribute to weight gain as easily.Foods that digest easily tend not to be as much of a problem while losing weight as long as you eat them sensibly. Proper sleep, water consumption reasonable eating habits, proper fiber intake and exercise all play key factors in weight and diet. One without the other can hinder your bodies ability to matabalize calories and thus slow or stop your diet .

Thanks  Larry
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