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weird weight

8/16 16:54:39

Hello!  I was needing to ask a question about where I my weight is.  Every time I read anything on obesity or such, it talks about belly fat, thigh fat and so forth.  I don't really know for sure if I should be considered obese.  I am 5'5, 22 years old, and weigh 170lbs.  However, 30lbs of it is actually in my breasts.  My family says that I look like a stick with boobs.  The rest of my body is muscled from carrying weights (like my younger siblings, our husky, and so forth).  No matter what the rest of me weighs, my breasts stay at DD.  I have even weighed 120lbs before and they were still that size.  Am I obese?  Am I at risk for heart disease and diabetes?

Hello Misty,

By having most of your fat in your breast does not make you obese, in fact women need the fat for alot of physiological functions.  

If you exercise and eat healthy foods it will drastically decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes.  

In regrads to you being obese you can simply google the word "BMI" (body mass index).  There are numerous BMI caluclators that you can use to get an estimate of where you stand in terms of obesity.  However the best way to do this would be to do an actual body fat test where you get different sites on your body checked - this will eliminate the fact that most of your weight is on your breasts.

Hope that helps Misty Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks and let me know if you need anymore help.

Marci Lall
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