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8/16 16:54:39

Hello ..!

   My name is AMIT.I am 26 years of age.I am an Indian.My height is 6 feet and 1 inch.And I weigh about 100 kgs.
Now since last 1 month I am trying to loose my wieght and inches around the waist but am not getting any major results.Just one inch I lost in one month and wieght is the same as before.

    I go for jogging, 4 days a week- and its a combination of running and walking for about 6 kilo metres a day.I run up and down a hill - so the elevation is also there.I mean my work out is quite 'hard'-I run for about 60 mins and sweat by butt out - but I am not getting any major results.

    My waist line was 47 inches - which is now about 46 inches.Weight is almost the same as it was one month ago.Now I am Vegatarian.I dont eat even eggs.I dont follow any kind of diet-as such- and I have a liking towards "Sweet" food- like ice creams- fruit salads-butter etc.I mean I dont over eat but I wont deny that I am a moderate eater.

    Right now My aim is to loose "Fat" from the body.But seems that because of my diet I am not getting results- inspite of slogging it out.

    Please answer me the following questions (Sequence wise plz- the way I have asked you)-

Question 1> Is it that because of my diet I am not loosing fat ? (Inspite my work out being quite 'hard'.)

Question 2> I know that if I follow a certain diet regime- like low fat and high protein diet- i will surely get results- but the question is for how long can I hold myself back from "tasty" food? for how long can I carry on like this.? Food changes mood- its my life.And I cant give up - having "Tasty-delicious" meals.

    Isnt there any way where I dont have to give up eating "Delicious" meals and still work hard (Make some changes in my work out) - and loose weight ?Life seems to be too pale and boring without delicous meals.Plz dont ask me to give up delicous meals- its just not possible for me- suggest me some thing else plz-where on a long term- i remain healthy- burn fat- loose wieght and yet eat every thing i want .Is it possible this way ?

Question 3> How much calories you think I might be burning by jogging for 6 kms daily? (Can u plz tell me where can I find food chart table where I can see in which food - how many calories are there ?)

    Please reply back and explain me in detail,Thanks,

Anxiously Awaiting Your Response,




Hi Amit,

First let me tell you that you're doing the right things to see changes in your body and weight loss is a process and does take time.

On to your questions....

1.  At the moment your diet seems fine, i would recommend you eat more vegetables and fruits, and other sources of protein such as nuts, and tofu.

2.  you don抰 need to starve yourself and hold back from your "tasty foods"  with your jogging i would recommend you add some weight training to your routine as this will help you burn more calories, turn fat into lean muscle, and kick start your metabolism to burn fat even while you sleep.

3.  I cannot tell you exactly how many calories your burning.  But if Google calorie counter I抦 sure you can find something that will help you out.

I hope that helps you Amit.  Please let me know if you need anymore help.  

And if you need help with exercises you can subscribe for my free women抯 only e-newsletter at www.lallpt.com you'll also receive a great report that will help you out ALOT called "how to get maximum weight loss and fitness results in minimum time"


Marci Lall

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