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Belly fat

8/16 16:54:38

I am 59 and weigh 162 Lbs.

I have been eating properly and exercising regularly but still although I lose weight, don't lose it in my Belly area, What can I do to get that stuff off? Besides the diet and exercise regimen I am involved with?  

Hi Susan,

In reagards to your question, you can try and bump up your exercise intensity.  This basically just trying to do things with more weight, do things faster, or do your exercise for a longer period of time.  you can even try changing up the exercises you do to try and challenge your body from a different perspective and see if your body responds.  

Hope that helps Susan.

If you need ideas for exercises you can visit www.lallpt.com and subsribe to my weekly womens only e-newsletter.  its free and loaded with information that i think you will be able to benefit from.


Marci Lall
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