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Too confused.

8/16 16:54:38

Hey Marci, I need some help understanding my body type and what I should do to begin losing weight. Im 20 years old, 5'10", 245 lbs. I have a busy lifestyle with my work and going to college full-time. Apparently my BMI is 36, all of the weightloss calculators I've used tell me i could lose 100 lbs.! to be healthy. I have a gym membership now but still no results. I eat 1100-1300 calories on saturday and sunday, but during the week around 500/day. I run a one-mile warm-up at 6 mph, do low-weight/high-rep lifts for an hour, then I bike for 20 minutes (3 miles). This is for 6 days a week. I dont look as heavy as I am, and i fell really in shape when i go to the gym. I want to be able to bend over, without such a huge bulge over my belt. What do you recommend I do for a weight loss of 50 lbs.

Hi Bryan,

WOW, sounds like your doing a pretty damn good job.  First off forget about the BMI calculators they're just too inaccurate and not a good way to measure your health and fitness.  

Also i understand the stress and "busy lifestyle" of having to go to college (full time) and work (thank god I'm done college).  

In terms of your calories, you should be expending more than you put in (basic weight loss) so if you can burn more calories than you actually put into your body your on your way to success!

Also remember weight loss takes time so try to be patient, i know at times it could be discouraging to be working so hard and not see any results, but again it does take some time.

in order to lose weight you need to be doing mainly aerobic activity just like your biking and running for a minimum of 30 minutes at a fat burning zone.  also to make sure you get lean muscle do your resistance training - which your already doing.  I recommend you do it in a circuit like fashion to keep your HR up.  

But other than that sounds like your on the right track.

Also when you get a chance send me an e-mail to support@lallpt.com and I'll e-mail you a special report that will benefit you a lot!

And also if you can rate my response I would appreciate it.

Good Luck Bryan let me know if you need anymore help.

Marci Lall
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