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post op & preg weight

8/16 15:28:25

I had gastric bypass surgery in Dec 2001 and went from 280 down to 130, I am 5'2.  I then had my first baby in May 04 and my 2nd baby in Jan 06.  I am at 139 and hoping to get down to 130 again, am i being unrealistic to think I can do this?  I am told that we normally gain a % back after so many years of being post op, is this true?  I do have extra skin so i know that takes up a few pnds and after having to babys and now being 38 yrs old im just wondering if my body is where it wants to be? it seems to hold on to the weight im at now..

I think you have a lot to be proud of at 139 or so.  For my surgical patients who are 5'2", I think that 130# is about as low as I can hope they will go from the standpoint of best health, energy, and appearance.  I am pretty happy if patients of your height end up anywhere in the 130-150 range in the long run.

I'm guessing you got to the 130# weight in early 2003, and it looks like you became pregnant several month later.  Naturally enough, you gained weight with the pregnancy, and then it sounds like you lost most of that weight back off.  As you probably know, a very high percentage of patients between 18 and 36 months after gastric bypass gain back 5-15 pounds from their lowest - this effect was masked in your case by the pregnancy, but I suspect it is part of why you didn't lose ALL of the pregnancy weight back off.  For you to have carried a second baby and still end up at 139 seems outstanding, and I would predict that a weight in the 130's - 140's will NOT be associated with increased risk of any weight related medical problems for you over time.

Having said all that, please make sure you do stick with the diet recommended by your surgeon, continue follow up with him/her, and stay physically active.

Best of luck,
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