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Armour Thyroid

8/16 15:28:24

I am male,48.
I am sick of being overweight.
I am sure I am hypothyroid,although the tests my doctor ordered came back OK.
I cant lose weight,even with 1500 calorie a day low carb diet,with cardio.
If I eat even a bit more calories than that and stopp exercising I gain weight immediately.
I am also very cold sensitive and wear a sweater even in the summer.
My fingertips and toes tingle like I have frost bite,and my palms are dry.I also have sleep apnes-I use a CPAP machine,and have brain fog-hard to concentrate.
I want to order Amour online,without a prescription.What do you think?

Since I am a surgeon, this question is not exactly in my area of expertise.  However I do feel OK with giving you a couple of thoughts back:

1)  Your situation does sound a lot like a shortage of thyroid function.  I recommend you seek additional medical advice to be sure that all appropriate evaluations have been done before writing off the standard medical approach.  You may wish to see an endocrinologist or a physician who specializes in (non-surgical) weight loss.

2)  I recommend against self-ordering and self-administering Armour thyroid.    Without lab tests you will not be in a position to determine the correct dose, which has a high likelihood of leaving you with too little effect or (worse) giving you toxic effects from a dose that is too high.

Best wishes!
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