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I stopped losing - help

8/16 15:28:24

I had a RNY about 14 months ago and have lost about 100 pounds. I still need to lose another 60 and have not moves the scale for 3 months. I am very frustrated and am about to give up. Can you help? Am I done losing?

First, I would ask you the following questions:
1. How much protein are you taking in a day from all sources?
2. How much water are you drinking?
3. How much exercise are you doing?
4. Are you keeping a food journal?
5. Have you taken your measurements lately?
All five play an important role in your success. Many times we lose the first 100 and then start to slip back into old habits thinking that we will continue to lose. That is self sabotage and frustrating. The more we get frustrated the more we give up and again slip backwards. Think of the things that you did 14 months ago, go back and do those things again. We all get to plateaus and we need to be patient while our body catches up with our weight loss. If you are not eating enough or drinking enough your body will not allow you to continue to lose as it may be in a starvation mode. If you have stopped exercising you again are hindering your weight loss. After all it still is calories in minus calories burned equals weight loss, staying the same or weight gain. Also sometimes we lose inches instead of pounds. So check your measurements. Don抰 give up it took you years to gain the weigh and it has only been 14 months. Good luck and think of how far you have come in such a short time. Make it a Lifestyle!

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