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Revisions to RNY

8/16 15:27:41

I had an RNY in October 2002.  I have had chronic problems for the last year with heart palpatations after eating a meal.  If I eat just a little more that I usually do, my heart "races", I get groggy and have to lay down.  This is a terrible feeling.  Also, there are times when I am unable to eat for a 24-48 hour period, due to the food "not going down right".  Could you possibly inform me as to what to do?  
Do I need a revision possibly??  I hav heard of the ROSE procedure, could you explain this?

The part of your question that talks about heart racing and feeling groggy sounds like dumping syndrome.  This is usually caused by eating too much or eating the wrong type of food.  Sometimes this occurs with patients who are several years out from surgery, even though they feel they are not doing anything different.

The issue about food not going down right may be related to the type of eating, or you may have an ulcer, or a partial blockage of your Roux limb, or some other problem with your surgical anatomy.

For both these issues, my strong recommendation is that you visit with your surgeon and the team, to discuss these issues and get things working better.

The ROSE procedure involves placing sutures inside the stomach pouch to shrink it down.  It does not sound like this is pertinent to your situation.

Best of luck,
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