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esophagel problems

8/16 15:27:33

Thank you so much for being here for people like me.... I had Lapband 6-08..lost 50 so far.. Been going by the book.. Have 3 cc fill... But since August I have problems swallowing certain things.. I know bread is a no , no so I dont.. But I can eat chips at the mexican resturant with salsa, no problem. But I have problems swallowing oatmeal, chicken in a gravy, tuna fish, some soups with small pieces of pasta.. There is not a pattern to this and that is what makes me upset.. I cant understand how I can chew peanuts like no problem at all. But food I make with gravy is hard to swallow.. I am going to make a appointment for another edoscope which i had done before the lapband.. I think its the only way to know if I have any damage, but if I have damage I dont know how it got there.. I have been good and careful and trust me , I cant swallow to much stuff.. I do not THROW UP.. Thank God.. Dr's office said it was normal..It is not... If you have some info for me I would love it.. Thank you for your time...

Hi Rose,

Thank you for your thoughtful comment.  It is my pleasure to be here for you and others too.

Congratulations on your surgery and your amazing weight loss.  That's great!  

I completely agree with your idea to have another endoscopy.  The problems you're having with food are generally not the problematic foods.  If something is too dry, gravy, salad dressing or other forms of liquid/moisture work well.  

I would trust your physician's office but since you've had problems since August, it seems to necessitate the attention of your doctor.  It also doesn't seem to be a problem with a fill for this long of a period of time.  

I don't want to alarm you and am certainly not a physician.  However, from what you describe, I would do exactly what you are doing and being a proactive advocate for my health in getting another endoscopy.  Even if the endoscopy is fine, you still need to determine what the cause for the foods is.

As a side, make sure that your oatmeal is fairly liquidy and not dense.  For your tuna, try some light mayo or ranch dressing or other moisture that might help.  Pasta is difficult for some wls post-ops.  Although in soup and cut up small, it shouldn't be a problem either.  

I commend you for already taking the steps to be your own advocate for your health.  

Please let me know how it goes and what you find out if you don't mind.  

Take care.  

All the best, Cathy, CLC
Certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Surgery Coach
Certified Back On Track Facilitator
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