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leg lift

QuestionIve always had heavy legs and after losing weight I have

2016/8/16 15:28:26
lap band procedure

QuestionHi jacqueline  My name is Bekky.  Im 24 and my

2016/8/16 15:28:25
Bypass Nutrition

QuestionI had an MGB (Mini Gastric Bypass) in September and am do

2016/8/16 15:28:25
18 months post op (RNY)

QuestionI lost 150lbs the first year as I started at 415lbs but h

2016/8/16 15:28:25
post op & preg weight

QuestionI had gastric bypass surgery in Dec 2001 and went from 28

2016/8/16 15:28:25
Armour Thyroid

QuestionHello I am male,48. I am sick of being overweight. I am s

2016/8/16 15:28:24
I stopped losing - help

QuestionI had a RNY about 14 months ago and have lost about 100 p

2016/8/16 15:28:24
bariatric surgery..30 years later

QuestionAt age 25, weighing 400+ I had intestional Bypass..with w

2016/8/16 15:28:24
Lap band surgery overseas.

QuestionI am 58, 6?? and weigh about 230.  I抳e tried eating

2016/8/16 15:28:23
lapband surgery

QuestionI am a 31 year old female. I have an ileostomy and weigh

2016/8/16 15:28:23

Questionhi there again i sent you an email yesterday and i thank

2016/8/16 15:28:23
lap band and drinking

QuestionMy question is what happens if you have a few too many dr

2016/8/16 15:28:22
My Husband had a full gastric bypass: can he have lap band?

QuestionMy husband had a full gastric bypass in 1997.  He wa

2016/8/16 15:28:22
Removal of LapBand and doing RounY Gastric Bypass

QuestionI recently had to have my lap band removed due to 2 surge

2016/8/16 15:28:22
revision following a lap band removal

QuestionA couple weeks ago I had to have my lap band removed afte

2016/8/16 15:28:21
Lap-Brand or Gastric Bypass

QuestionMy husband is considering having either Gastric Bypass or

2016/8/16 15:28:21
B 6

QuestionI am seeing a chirpractor and wanted me to get off tyleno

2016/8/16 15:28:21
symptoms months after bariatric surgery

QuestionThank you. I live in U.K, my daughter last year had a gas

2016/8/16 15:28:20
Need Guidance

QuestionHi Monica: A mutual acquaintance told me about your incre

2016/8/16 15:28:20

QuestionI am interested in having surgery to make my body smaller

2016/8/16 15:28:20
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