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What does the Zija diet program consist of?

8/27 14:57:49

What does the Zija diet program consist of?

Zija is a dietary supplement program. There are day capsules, night capsules, tea, premium tea, smart mix, super mix, meal replacement, and a several other items that may be purchased with the system. It is made from extract of the morninga "mircale" tree and other ingredients.

The plus side of the program is they do seem to encourage changing to a healthier diet and more exercise. Their website contains a lot of pics of people working out, and talks about eating boxed food versus fresh. It is said to increase energy and provide vitamins and minerals. There are several testimonials saying that the product worked for them, and that they lost weight.

The down side is that is contains some ingredients that may be problematic. Phenylethylamine is sometimes used recreationally and can have addictive properties when used regularly. It is also said to cause "crashes" as levels drop. Low amounts caused toxicity during animal testing.

Before it is processed, the morninga tree is actually a food source in some part of the world. It is said to aid in a number of things from sex drive to asthma. However, the roots and extract are documented to have negative side effects. According to WebMD, it has been reported to cause paralysis, miscarriage, and death.
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