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Exercise Questions and Answers – Tips To Help You Succeed

8/20 14:12:29

We receive hundreds of exercise questions every month from our visitors. Everything from diet concerns and meal planning to workout frequency and training issues. We wanted to share some of the exercise questions in the hopes that they will help inspire, motivate and answer many of the concerns you may have when it comes to health and fitness. These are real life questions from real life people:

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  • How Many Calories Does 1 Pound of Muscle Burn?
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  • How Do I Slim My Hips and Thighs?
  • Can You Provide an Exercise Plan to Lose Weight?
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  • Will Pilates or Yoga Give Me 6 Pack Abs?
  • How Do I Lose My Stomach and Back Fat?
  • How Can I Get A Bigger Butt?
  • How Should I Group My Muscles for Workouts?
  • How Can I Tone Up My Lower Abs?
  • How Can I Tone Up All Over My Body?
  • Is The Elliptical or Treadmill Better?
  • How Do I Build Up My Triceps?
  • Why Did I Get Diarrhea from Creatine Monohydrate?
  • Which Muscles Should I Workout First?
  • How Can I Broaden My Shoulders?
  • Can I Get a Flat Stomach After My Hysterectomy?
  • Can I Build Up My Inner Chest Muscles?
  • Can You Give Me an Exercise Analysis?
  • How Can I Tame My Intense Sugar Cravings?
  • How Can I Tone My Armpit and Chest Area?

Exercise is essential in order to live a healthy lifestyle, but a regular exercise routine is unfortunately very easy to neglect in our tightly scheduled and sedentary lifestyles. Many people don’t like working out, but it can help you live a longer and better quality life.

Exercise increases blood circulation in the body and it also burns calories and can help people maintain flexibility and joint mobility as they age. People who exercise are often happier than those who don’t because exercising releases endorphins which are essentially your brain’s “happy chemicals”. However, in addition to the exercise itself, working out can increase happiness by giving the athlete a greater sense of accomplishment when their fitness level increases.


Exercise is also is a great means of practicing self-discipline. Your body will be healthier with regular exercise and it will look better. This boost in confidence can carry into other areas of your life as well. All in all, it’s really a win-win by including a regular exercise routine into your daily regimen.

Although some people see exercise as a free pass to eat whatever they want, if you care about your performance and improvement, including exercise into your fitness plan can be a huge motivator to eat healthily. You will feel a difference and see much greater results once your diet is optimized.

Success can be defined in many different ways, but in the context of exercise it usually means continual safety and improvement. Success isn’t about accomplishing a single skill but merely being better than you were before. Many do not realize that getting help from others is integral to this process and might think the road to fitness is solitary. However, you will learn a lot more if you are willing to ask for help when you need it or, better yet, even when you don’t think you need it! You just might learn new exercise techniques or how to perfect your form which are both essential to safety. You never stop learning and there are always ways you can improve so take advice from others to help you make progress.

It’s also great to learn what not to do because it’s better to learn before you make a mistake which could leave you injured and unable to exercise for a long period of time. If you make fitness a social affair, you will also increase the likelihood of sticking to your plan. If you have friends or family who can keep you accountable, you will be far more likely to follow through and reach your goals. It’s one thing to stop working out when no one knows you’re doing it, but what if you have a group of friends who meet you at the gym every other day? You’d be far less likely to quit! Networking can be great because you can gain supporters for not only when you have a setback but also when you succeed!

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