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Alison Sweeney: The Biggest Winnervar  

Stop being so dramatic! Give me a break! Leave the soap opera acting o

2016/8/29 12:07:01
Take It Off, Leave It Off!var  

Shannon Hammer  42, Redondo Beach, CA; magazine editor Shannons

2016/8/29 12:06:59
My Love of Animals Helped Me Drop 100 lbs!var  

Debra Pasquerette loves animals. So much so that her California house—

2016/8/29 12:06:59
Now I Can...Run, Swim, Bike With Confidencevar  

Brandy Gray Age: 42 Height: 58 Current weight: 128 lb Heaviest weight:

2016/8/29 12:06:57
Ladies Who Walked It Offvar  

Ready to go from sedentary to slim in 12 weeks with a beginner-fr

2016/8/29 12:06:55
She Walked Off 149 Pounds!var  

Taneisha Marks, 40 Home: Southfield, MI Height: 5'4" Heavi

2016/8/29 12:06:54
A 90-Pound Zumba Transformationvar  

Natombi Simpson Hometown: Cincinnati  Height: 5'4" Cur

2016/8/29 12:06:53
Find Your Fitness Passionvar  

Paula David, 48; Baltimore Height: 56 Current weight: 150 Heaviest wei

2016/8/29 12:06:51
How To Lose 45 Poundsvar  

Karen Stupples, 40 Hometown: Orlando, FL Height: 54 Current weight: 13

2016/8/29 12:06:50
I Beat My Migraines—Naturally!var  

Chrisis Story Growing up, I always enjoyed helping others and listenin

2016/8/29 12:06:48
Discovering Your Passion For Fitnessvar  

Turning 49 gave me the kick in the butt I needed to finally do somethi

2016/8/29 12:06:47
Is Self-Respect The Key To Weight Loss?var  

While I was growing up in Manchester, NH, I felt so unhappy and unlove

2016/8/29 12:06:45
Finding The Courage To Look For Lovevar  

I was the tall, chubby kid in a slim, fit family. Anything that couldn

2016/8/29 12:06:43
Weight Loss x 2var  

Anyone who enjoys a sport like tennis or golf knows that having a part

2016/8/29 12:06:38
Finding Inner Peace With Yogavar  

In my early 40s, everything felt as though it was going according to p

2016/8/29 12:06:36
From Pain To Finding Your Passionvar  

I was sitting with my husband in the kitchen one day, watching him dow

2016/8/29 12:06:35
How To Lose 92 Poundsvar  

Last May, I woke up from a deep sleep, frightened. I have sleep apnea,

2016/8/29 12:06:34
If Breast Cancer Knocked You Down, Could You Get Back Up?var  

Everyone has a moment when they realize what truly matters. Mine happe

2016/8/29 12:06:32
A Life-Saving Total-Body Turnaroundvar  

I was screaming, but they didnt hear. I was fighting for my life. Jea

2016/8/29 12:06:31
The Incredible Woman Who Lost 160 Pounds With Yogavar  

Spend a few minutes cruising Nancy Taylor’s blog, and it’s impossible

2016/8/29 12:06:28
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