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How to get rid of the extra weight quickly

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You probably often follow a weight loss program to lose a few pounds just to drop your belly. The fact that you do not fit in your pants and that your shoes gets tight may not be due to an increase in fat or weight, but due to swelling or fluid retention caused by the consumption of certain foods that cause those symptoms. If, therefore, the scale shows you a few pounds over your normal weight, without eating more, you can easily get rid of the extra weight without having to cut calories and fat by following the simple weight loss tipsbelow.

Avoid foods that ‘inflate’ you

Some foods may make your tummy appear twice as big than it is in reality within a few hours after consumption. Therefore, if you plan to go to the beach, make sure at least one day prior to avoid the consumption of foods that usually cause severe inflation to most people.


These foods  are:

Lentils, beans, chickpeas.
Asparagus,  broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, leeks, peppers, onions, peas, potatoes
Bananas, melon, oranges, pears, plums.
Carbonated drinks, beer, fruit juices
Products from wheat bran and whole milling
Many sugar substitutes, eg fructose, aspartame, etc.
Milk, soft cheese, ice cream.

Remember: Some of the foods such as legumes, fruits, vegetables and milk, are highly nutritious and are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, so it should not be missing from your diet. We only recommend avoiding them for some days so that you avoid the inflation they may cause you.

Eat every 4 hours

The stomach should not be left empty for several hours. The omission of meals leads to extreme hunger, and thus to greater food consumption, resulting in sudden stomach inflation. According to specialists, even the aroma of food causes a secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, so if it is empty, this inflames and exacerbates the inflation. You do not need to consume large quantities of food. Two toasted bread or a fruit between meals is enough.


Do not swallow air along with food

When you eat too quickly, you often swallow air, leading to various stomach disorders such as heartburn, bloating and constipation. Stop, then to eat quickly and stressful so as not to hinder the normal functioning of the intestines.

Immediate solutions to ‘deflate’ the stomach

If you wake up with swollen belly and want to get rid of this immediately, a hot drink before anything else can help you. One drink, even from aloe Vera is ideal for your situation, and has slightly laxative properties.

During the day, a good drink to soothe the stomach is chamomile, and furthermore, has a slightly diuretic effect.

Abstaining from carbohydrates, the day you are inflated and 2-3 days after it is good to calm your digestive system.

Separate carbohydrates from protein. This combination makes it more difficult to digest, thus worsening the situation when you are already inflated. Do not eat, therefore, macaroni with minced meat or chicken with potatoes or rice with meat (this, of course, applies only when you are inflated)

Use in your salad apple cider vinegar instead of regular vinegar. It directly helps the blow-out.

Chew your food well and slowly

Do not swallow your food without chewing it first. The food enters the stomach first, where it continues to decay, and then it goes to the intestine. But when the mouthful to swallow is large, it is hard for the breakdown by the stomach. And when larger pieces pass through the intestine, the more food they find the «good micro organisms» gut, resulting in the production of methane, i.e. gases and stomach inflation.

Tip: It is very important to go to the toilet at least once a day. Therefore, do not forget to eat salad at every meal and snack nuts for intermediates.

Reduce the consumption of salt

The consumption of large quantities of salt, because it contains sodium, is causing fluid retention and swelling particularly in the abdomen and legs. Therefore, reduce the salt in cooking and replace it with more lemon juice, oregano and other spices to relish the food. Avoid also the large consumption of food rich in sodium, such as sausages, dry cheeses, salted or smoked fish, sauces, preserves, biscuits, salt, etc. Especially women who have problems with their cycle should reduce the salt in their diet, at least one week before their period.

Drink more water

Many people believe that drinking water inflates you more. But it is wrong. Water may make the stomach inflate for a while, but very quickly is deflated. The body is a large water saver. Therefore, if it is given little water it tends to hold more than it already has, so you end up with fluid retention. Even if this sounds strange, drinking more water can fight fluid retention. The water increases diuresis and helps to balance body fluids and the elimination of extra sodium from the kidneys.

Eat foods with diuretic action

If you increase diuresis this will significantly reduce the fluid retention and will help you get rid of the «inflation». To do this, eat cherries, pineapple, watermelon (98% water), strawberry, loquat, and aromatic vegetables (rocket, lettuce, parsley, celery).

Prefer proteins

Proteins help combat the swelling and bending. Foods rich in protein are fish, chicken, egg, meat etc.

Use cinnamon, dill or rosemary in your food

The aromatic oils of cinnamon can help you relax in the blow-out, while the dill and rosemary improves digestion and reduces bloating.

Exercise on a daily basis

If the problem of inflation focuses more on the legs, then this may indicate poor blood circulation, which means that you do not walk enough. Exercise in this case and especially walking is a very good solution to fight inflation in the legs.

Less stress, less inflation

The experts agree that stress hits the stomach. In times of intense stress you may experience gastrointestinal disturbances or worsen existing ones. It is highly likely therefore that you do not swell due to dietary habits, but due to severe stress. In this case, the solution lies in proper stress management.


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