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Tips On Easy Weight Loss For Teens

8/29 17:55:50
Teen obesity is a dangerous and growing problem with the current young generation. Overweight teens not only have health problems as teenagers, they also stand greater risks of health problems as adults. Many psychologists rightly term teenage as the most sensitive part of a human being's life. This is the phase of the human life cycle where the whole body is changing to meet the requirements of its future activities. The teenager, thus, undergoes emotional, hormonal and physical changes. Couple these with being overweight, and the complications just increase.

Apart from the physical appearance issue that teens generally tend to focus on, being overweight is a hindrance to healthy growth; both physically as well as psychologically. Every teenager should live a confident and blooming youth, and embrace the changes that take place in his or her body, but unfortunately being overweight and not looking like a certain 慳ccepted' way, leaves many youngsters struggling with their teen life. This problem becomes even more acute for girls.

Teen obesity or weight problems are not incurable. In fact many tend to think teenage is the best time to cure weight issues, especially if you have a history of obesity in the family. Here are some guidelines to help your teen with his or her weight;

1. Bonding: sit down and have a heart to heart with your teen. Share your own teenage experiences, if you had weight issues, or those of your friends. Tell your teen it's ok to be the way he or she is, but for a healthier life better choices will have to be made. Don't force anything on them; in fact try making a weight loss program you can both follow together. Ensure your teen you'll be there all the way for support. Listen to your teen's concerns about weight loss and being overweight.

2. Think Long-term: talk to your teen about going for the long term approach. Quick fixes and fad diets are harmful for adults at times because they are low on nutrition. But for a teenager, they could be devastating. Help your teen make healthy choices by combining a balanced diet with an active workout routine or some form of exercise.

3. Realistic Goals: talk to you your teen about what king of weight loss he or she wants. Discuss these goals with your physician as well and make sure both you and your teen are aware of what is possible and healthy. Remind your teen that it's not all about a physical appearance; it's about health and a healthy lifestyle.

4. Exercise: the human body has the highest rate of metabolism when it's gong through teenhood. Your teen needs to have a daily activity where the energy produced as a result of this higher metabolism can be utilized. In the absence of activity, the body begins to store the energy as fat. If group activities like joining the softball team, soccer tam, football team, etc, aren't what your teen wants, then encourage running, cycling, brisk walking, etc. Give your teen company and encouragement.

5. Support Group: a support group can do wonders for anyone dealing with a problem, but for teenagers the need to relate to and bond is highly essential. Get the whole family to support your teen's efforts to healthy eating. Model good eating habits by choosing juices and water over sodas. Don't fill the fridge with junk food that may tempt your teen. Rather give him or her every opportunity to make healthier choices.

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