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Website With Guides On Easy Weight Loss For Teens

8/29 17:55:50
Being an overweight teen can be a very discouraging and demoralizing experience. Most overweight and obese teens feel socially isolated and deal with lower levels of self esteem than their peers. If left untreated, the weight problem with all of its psychological aides can have a lasting effect on the teen for years to come. Teenage is a sensitive stage for even the healthiest individuals but appearance troubles affects teenagers more than adults. Of course nothing is without a cure. Teenage is that part of your life where you are going through the most physical, hormonal and emotional changes. But it's also the part of life where you can make the best choices for yourself and ensure a healthier adulthood.

Weight loss for teenagers is different from that of adults. Just like you and I can't live on baby food, teenagers can't be expected to benefit from adult weight loss programs. Don't get me wrong here; an overweight teen should not be condemned to his or her fate. Making efforts to tackle the obesity or excess fat issues is a greatest thing that you, as a teenager can do for yourself, or you as a parent can do for your child. Let's see how we get about helping teens loose weight.

1. No Blame, No Guilt: being an overweight teen is not a crime. Don't let yourself fall for a negative self-image. Don't blame yourself, or friends and family for the way you look. Even if obesity runs in your family, there's a way to control it. The fact that you've made the decision to solve your weight problem means that you care enough about yourself to make all the effort required.

2. Think Long-Term: don't pursue weight loss with a short-term goal of getting fit for the prom. Fad 7 day diets will most likely leave you suffering from malnutrition and dehydrated. The secret to healthy weight loss is to keep a steady and consistent pace. Also remember that you're in your growing years. Your body needs more nutrients now than it ever will in your adulthood years. Taking care of your nutritional requirements will ensure that you achieve healthier results that are lasting.

3. Realistic Goals: set realistic goals for your self. Barbie and Ken are not the perfection of human form. The fact is that every human body is unique and has its own normal shape and normal weight. When we are at this normal physical state, we exhibit natural appeal. So set realistic goals for your self. Remember you're not just in for the good outward image; you're in this weight loss quest for a healthier and fitter you. Consult your physician and ask him or her to help you set these goals.

4. Exercise: being a teenager, your body's rate of metabolism is greater than that of adults. What this means is that you have more energy. If this energy is not used, it will get stored in the body as fat. Get yourself into the habit of exercising daily. This doesn't mean that you join the gym right away, or the football team or the cheerleading squad. It just means that your daily life should incorporate an energy burning activity. This could be a half an hour brisk walk, washing the car, mowing the lawn, etc. jus be sure to burn the calories the right way, work them off! Don't over exert yourself; just remember 憇weat is good'.

5. No Junk Food: junk food is just that...Junk! You're better off without it. Chips, sodas are all packed with calories and refined carbohydrates that just add to your waste line. Go for healthy snacks like vegetable and fruits and stay away from the hall way vending machine.

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