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Read Weight Loss Success Stories And Lose Weight

8/29 17:55:49
Being overweight is like a constant nag. It really stops you from getting the most out of yourself, the world around you and above all, LIFE! And when you're on the journey to weight loss, it's never an easy one. One of the most potent ways to keep at a weight loss program, as any expert will tell you, is to constantly provide yourself with motivation. Here are some motivating stories about people who went through weight loss with amazing results.

The Emotional Eater:

A lot of people out there, especially women, tend to handle emotional stress with food. They take food as a source of comfort. What happens is that, eventually such eating habits lead to being overweight and obese. It also doesn't help the emotional troubles. Here's the story of a lady who gave up her habit of emotional eating and lost 68 pounds.

Alyce Manzo, 29 years old had a habit of treating her emotions with food. She's a tutor from Queens, New York, USA. She says loosing weight and quitting her emotional eating habit took a change of mind set. About her change of mind set, Alyce says, ?I knew I'd fail if I didn't understand why I'd gotten heavy in the first place, "For years, I ate to manage my emotions. Now I ride my bike, listen to music, or write in my journal -- and I'm 68 pounds slimmer."

Alyce says that she grew up in a family where food meant love. She grew up on large meal portions of pasta and pizza. This resulted in her being a chubby child, even dance classes and tennis classes didn't help to reduce her weight. About her school days, Alyce says, "I loved to go out dancing but quit because I felt so self-conscious," her moment of awakening came much later in life, " "I was eating a huge eggplant Parmesan sandwich and it hit me -- I wasn't remotely hungry. I had to ask myself, Then why are you eating this?" this is when Alyce decided to get to the bottom of her being overweight. She said she flipped through old albums of her childhood and her thoughts were, as she describes, "I considered how I felt about myself at different points in my life, and I realized how much I relied on food for comfort," with this came her resolve to improve her health. She set small goal for herself like walking to work or taking the stairs. She lost 8 pounds in her first month and 60 more, when she started working out an hour a day, five days a week. She's also now dancing again because she feels good and comfortable about her appearance.

Working out at Home:

Working out at home can be an effective way to loose weight too. This was proven by Peggy Wilke, a proofreader by profession, she gained all her weight sitting at the desk and not getting any exercise. Her local gym was too expensive, so when she at last decided to exercise, quit her junk food diet and start eating healthy, she chose walking the dog as her first exercise. From there she moved to gardening and lost an amazing 53 pounds in seven months.

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