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Baron抯 Guide For Healthy Weight Loss

8/29 17:55:49
Yoga is an ancient discipline that originated in India. It focuses on both mental and physical health. Yoga has now spread throughout the world as an effective means of gaining health both physically and mentally. Doing any kind of yoga helps to strengthen the body muscles, tone the body and weight loss. It's also great for boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. The name yoga has now become synonymous with the revolutionary work of Baron Baptiste. This young yoga teacher has a great deal of experience under his belt and is the yoga guru in the United States. People have been flocking to take his Power Yoga classes and have reported amazing results.

There are basically three kinds of yoga exercises that help in reducing weight;

1. Ashtanga

2. Power Yoga

3. Hot Yoga

Power yoga is the most popular method now-a-days and the area of specialty with Baptiste. Power yoga is considered the most effective because it produces a vigorous cardiovascular workout that causes healthy, natural and speedy weight loss. Baron Baptiste has made his own brand of Power Yoga and made it popular with Hollywood celebrities as well as NFL players. He has authored several best seller books on the subject, such as Journey Into Power - How to Sculpt Your Ideal Body, Free Your True Self, and Transform Your Life with Yoga, and 40 Days To Personal Revolution, published by Simon & Schuster, as well as My Daddy Is A Pretzel, Yoga for Kids and Parents, published by Barefoot Books in 2004.

About successful weight loss and maximum benefit from a yoga regime, Baptiste gives some great advice;

1. Yoga Experience depends on your Teacher: the benefits of yoga depend on the instructor. A good yoga teacher has 200 to 400 hours of yoga training from a certified yoga studio under his or her belt. During a yoga class, you should be able to feel a personal connection with your teacher and also be comfortable with his or her style of teaching. A sign of a good, experienced yoga teacher is that he or she will allow the student to adapt each posture to themselves and also, in the beginning of class, ask new students about their yoga experience level as well as any injuries they may have had.

2. If you're new, stick to the sides: this is not a bad thing. If you've never done yoga before, then don't try to sit at the front of the class, you'll have more trouble keeping up. Try sitting in the back or middle rows where you can get a bird's eye view of what the rest of the class is doing. Finding a place near the walls is also a great idea as it will help with balancing moves and standing stretches.

3. Take a Break: if at any time during the workout, you feel overwhelmed or that you can't keep up with your teacher, take a break. There's nothing wrong with a time out, it just helps you adapt your body better to the exercise. Take a break by going into child's pose. Child's pose is when you kneel on the floor and sit on your heels. Don't give into the feeling that your admitting defeat or failure, it's essential to embrace the limitations of your body.

4. Have a Good Drink: yoga will make you hot, sweaty and thirsty. Make sure your body is well hydrated before going into a yoga workout. Keep a bottle of water with you during the workout. Take plenty of water during and after the workout. If you feel you have a headache, it means you haven't drunk enough.

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