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Our Healthy Weight Loss Tips

8/29 17:55:48
Weight loss and obesity have become great health problems. Research is now suggesting that over two-thirds of the adults in industrialized countries are in danger of severe health problems and diseases due to their excess body fat. More and more people are being encouraged to lose fat as early as possible and delay the onset of heart conditions and cholesterol problems.

Weight loss is neither a crash diet nor a mad workout in the gym. It's a lifestyle change, making healthier and consistently better choices to improve your quality of living. For the healthiest weight loss, we recommend you keep the following in mind always;

1. Never Starve yourself: no matter how overweight you may be or how severe a case as you may consider your own, starvation is the path to health destruction. A healthy weight loss diet should not aim to starve the fat off of you because it will eventually cause your body to crash under the pressure of being so undernourished. Your body needs food to survive and nutrition to sustain health. Focus on gradually cutting your daily caloric intake and avoid all drastic measures.

2. Eat Breakfast: skipping breakfast is a huge mistake. Over the night, while we sleep, our body keeps its longest fast and the metabolism level slows down. In the morning, it needs nutrition to give it a kick start. Depriving it of food continues the slow metabolic rate and thus we burn fewer calories during the day. People who eat breakfast give their bodies a healthy dose of nutrients and charge up their bodies' metabolism. No matter how busy you are or what your work routine is, make time for yourself and have a healthy wholesome breakfast.

3. Eat Good Carbs: cutting carbohydrates totally from your diet is not a sound approach. Recently low carb diets have come under a lot of medical criticism for leading people towards undernourishment. The smart step to take is to make the right choice between eating good carbs and bad carbs. Refined carbs, such as bagels, white bread, and potatoes, create a surge in insulin that promotes storage of fat and may drive down your metabolic rate. Avoid these, especially until you reach your ideal weight. Focus on vegetables, fruits and whole grains which have less of an impact on insulin levels.

4. Drink Lots of Water: water is nature's cleanser and purifier. Our body needs water for a good many functions. From helping in metabolism to the assimilation of food to the removal of toxins, water is needed all over the place. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water is also is a natural appetite suppressant and can aid in weight loss.

5. Exercise: the healthiest and possibly only way to have to sustainable weight loss is to incorporate exercising into your daily routine. Exercise ensures that you consume the excess fat stored in your body and gives you excellent shape.

6. Versatile Exercise Routine: don't pick up a boring exercise routine that you hate. This will de-motivate you. Add color to your exercise, pick up a sport that you've always liked or join a club. Make sure your exercise has something to hold your interest so you never want to quit it.

7. Sleep: studies have shown that people who get under 5 hours of sleep a day report many problems including emotional eating, obesity, low energy levels etc. The human body needs at least 8-9 hours of sound sleep to rejuvenate from fatigue and start to perform its functions again with zeal. If the body is kept in a condition of constant fatigue, the metabolism will derail and the body will simply start storing fat.

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