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Information On Easy Weight Loss For Teens

8/29 17:55:24
Weight loss for teens is usually ignored thinking that they would eventually lose weight as they grow older. But this is one of the biggest mistakes made by family members and parents because the obesity rates in teens are not increasing due to hormonal changes alone. For helping the teens lose weight, parents have to understand that obesity is increasing at an alarming rate of almost 20%. This factor is solely based on the sedentary lifestyles that these teens live and also on their diets, with junk foods being a major contributor to the same.

Researches and studies have shown that the approximate percentage of exercise and diets in teens, for losing weight, is 20% and 80% approximately. Hence the diet of the teen should be the main concern in losing weight along with regular forms of exercises. It has been seen that even if a teen is physically active, the wrong diet results them in becoming obese or overweight.

Parents should help their children in selecting the right diet and exercise to enable their teen to lose weight. Since there are unending options of losing weight for teens, it can often become a confusing choice for the parents to select a health program that would help their teens in losing weight. Although fast and quick ways for weight loss are sought by most parents, it should be remembered that these methods should be safe and effective.

Since the teenagers are at a growing stage, eliminating certain nutritional components from their foods is not advised. Teens should be provided with all kinds of nutrients but the ones which are unhealthy should be replaced with healthier foods. One of the biggest contributors in helping the teens lose weight is eating low carbohydrates. It has been seen that the body does not function without carbs and results in headaches, irritability and loss of sleep.

But there are ways to replace these carbs with healthier forms and reduce their quantity so that the teen gets his or her share of nutrition; however the amount is less enough to result in any kind of weight gain for the teen. Also there are low fat diets which are usually calorie ridden and actually put on weight rather than lose weight. These diets have been based on eating no fat at all which is again harmful for the teenager.

Another aspect of diet which should be avoided here are the starvation diets, which again result in the teen putting on more weight rather than losing weight in the long run. These diets result in the body to begin its defense mechanism where the body starts to store more amounts of fat due to lack of food. It may lose weight initially by using up the fat in the fat deposits, but in the long run it makes the teen put on weight.

The best way to make your teen lose weight is make them physically active and also reduce their junk food intake. Treat them to junk food on weekends to curb their craving for these kinds of foods. Also try and give them healthier and fiber rich foods for faster weight loss.

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