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Weight Loss Tricks - Weight Loss Exercises

8/29 17:54:03
Being overweight or obese greatly undermines the quality of life you lead. It places you at greater health risks; research has consistently shown that people who are overweight are at an elevated danger of early death. They are also more likely to contract diseases such as diabetes mellitus, heart attack, stroke and certain kinds of cancer. So not only does losing weight add to your appearance, it adds to your quality of life.

If you're not ready for a vigorous weight loss program and just want to start with adopting healthy habits and increasing your activity level, then there are some great ways that will set you about losing weight. The exercises can be done either in the comfort of your home, or with groups where you can find moral support for your endeavor as well. Here are some great ways to work off the weight;

1. Climbing stairs: you may not think much of the flight of stairs running up to your attic, but they are a fat burning machine just waiting to be used. 10 minutes of climbing stairs means burning 50 calories. If you start with 10 minutes and progress slowly to 30 minutes, you'll see remarkable results. Doing this exercise 5 times a week is quite sufficient. This is a great exercise if your gym is too far a drive or if you simply prefer to exercise at home.

2. Walking: brisk walking is another way to build up your stamina and lose weight. This exercise is wonderful for burning overall body fat as well as getting toned. Walking for 30 minutes five times a week strengthens you heart and lungs. If you're not able to walk for the entire 30 minutes, don't over exert yourself. Set small goals for yourself and consistently strive to achieve them. If you're just starting weight loss, this is a great starter exercise.

3. Running: running is a fast paced, calorie burning exercise that's a good deal of fun for those who take it up. After you've developed enough stamina through walking to sustain a 60% increased heart rate for 30 minutes, you can begin to pursue running as an effective means to burning fat. It also gives you a leaner, athletic look. Be sure to warm up and stretch for a good 15 minutes before you run, as your muscles will need to have blood circulating through them at faster rates, if your to get through the running session. Start slow and gradually build up speed.

4. Swimming: swimming is also a great sport and exercise for losing weight. It helps to burn calories without placing any unnecessary pressure on your joints. It's great for the overall toning of your body. But swimming requires stamina as well.

5. Aerobic Classes: aerobic exercises are a fun way to lose weight. If you love music, this is a great way to incorporate that into your workout routine. Aerobics are not at all difficult to perform and tone your body. You can either join an aerobic class or buy an aerobic DVD and do aerobics at home.

6. Dance Mat: when the dance mat came out, everyone thought it was a nice new toy. This all changed when more and more fitness enthusiasts realized the great potential the dance mat presented for burning calories and eliminating the monotony of a daily workout. If you love to dance, get a dance mat and dance your way to fitness.

7. Cycling: cycling is a great way to tone your lower body. It's an intense calorie burning activity that shreds fat all over, but it gives extra toning and definition to your legs and thighs. Give it a try; it gives you both the variety of going solo as well as working in groups.

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