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Best Weight Loss Tips - Diets That Work For Men

8/29 17:53:54
Dieting isn't exactly the number one fun thing to do on any guy's list, but neither is growing too huge to fit in the same snapshot with anyone else. The good news is that, being a guy gives you a few advantages for losing weight over the women. Firstly, men have a higher metabolic rate then women. Secondly their body is naturally high on testosterone, a male hormone which reduces the body's tendency to store fat. Fat is also very dangerous for men, reducing their quality of life and increasing the risk of contracting diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, prostate cancer etc. Let's take a look at how men can effectively lose weight.

1. Make lifestyle changes instead of 慏ieting': don't put yourself in the mindset that you're 慸ieting', it will make you want to break the diet. Besides, short periods of dieting may cause weight loss for some time, but they do not give the body a sustainable guard against gaining weight once the diet plan is over. Instead of subjecting your body to this kind of frenzy, adopt healthy eating habits and calorie burning exercises that you can perform.

2. Low Carbohydrates: cutting carbs from your diet can significantly reduce the fat that gets stored in your body. Carbs, especially the simple ones are easily digested by the body and then transformed to fat. Complex carbs take longer to digest and are better for health. But overall, carbs should be the least percentage of your overall diet, around 20%. Go for whole grain cereals, whole wheat, brown rice, etc.

3. High Protein: taking more proteins helps your body to build a steady flow of energy and helps to fight the buildup of fat. When you increase your protein intake, such as lean meat, whole eggs, chicken, fish, etc, you don't feel famished or fall short of energy. Studies have shown that low carb and high protein diets lead to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

4. Drink lots of Water: increasing the quantity of water that you drink on a daily basis has a direct impact on your weight. When you increase your water intake, weight loss is one of the first benefits. Better health and a stronger immune system are the other benefits to be had. The reason is simple, water is a natural cleansing agent and detoxifies the body. While the impurities stay inside you, they cause more damage. Once removed, your body is all the stronger for it. Drinking 8 glasses of ice cold water daily means burning 200 calories. Also, a healthy supply of water to the body causes weight loss by eliminating water retention. On the contrary, you not only gain weight when your intake is low, your health and immune system deteriorate as the toxins stay inside the body. Instead of going for soft drinks or sodas when you're thirsty, grab a bottle of icy water.

5. Exercise: For a healthy lifestyle, your daily activity should incorporate 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. For weight loss, it would be a better idea to increase the time to an hour. If you can't make the hour, you can increase intensity and do 30 minutes of vigorous exercise four to five days a week.

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