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10 Reasons Why I Stopped Counting Calories

8/29 16:49:17
For a very long time, I was a slave to the nutrition label. 
I could list, offhand, the calories in just about any food. I kept a running tally of what and how much I at every day. 
If I ate something I did not know the calories for, forget it. My day was over. 
Calories ruled my body and life. And then I stopped. I became healthier, happier, and even more social and I know you can do the same. So here’s why I did it:

1. My body can tell the difference between 80 calories of an apple and 80 calories of a cookie. 
There is a big difference between 100 calories of fresh fruits and vegetables and 100 calories of sugar. My body knew the difference, but I was ignoring that by counting calories. It meant that I was eating lots of sugar and not enough vegetables.
2. Because no one can ever eat too many calories of spinach. 
It’s nearly impossible to eat too many vegetables, so why bother measuring out a cup of broccoli or counting the calories of the spinach in my salad?
3. I was hungry. 
This one speaks for itself!
4. I wanted to enjoy my meals, not stress over them. 
Every meal I ate, I was counting calories in my head, worrying how many I had left to eat, and wondering if that extra almond would put me over my limit.
5. I wanted to eat at restaurants. 
I was afraid of the unknown and there was no way to how they were cooking my meals. I ate at home and missed out on way too many fun nights out.
6. I was not losing weight by counting calories. 
Despite my effort to lose weight, I was not, and was so frustrated that I was counting and counting and seeing no progress.
7. My body already knows what I need. 
I didn’t need the latest research to tell me how many calories I needed, my body already knew.
8. It will all balance out. 
I know that some days I eat more and others less and that is okay, because it is all going to even out.
9. My nutrition improved. 
I started eating more quality foods because I wasn’t so worried about the calories. Things like olives, sweet potatoes, eggs, and meat were back in my diet, whereas before they were deemed too caloric.
10. I felt amazing! 
And this last one requires no explanation. 

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