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5 Apps That Keep Me Happy, Fit & Healthy

8/29 15:53:21
5 Apps That Keep Me Happy, Fit & Healthy Hero Image

Losing weight isn’t all about exercising more and eating less. I know this to be true because I’m one of a very small percentage of people who has maintained a 125-pound weight loss for five years now.

Getting healthier can be really challenging when you're just starting out on your journey, but I've personally found these five apps to be lifesavers!

1. Lose It!: Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

I've used this app for the entire five years of keeping 125 pounds off. It’s great for accountability to yourself on what you actually eat. I don't use it merely for calorie counting; I use to track how honesty I have been with myself on eating healthfully. This app has many free features with setting and tracking weight goals, challenges, and a community of other people trying to get healthy. A very useful tool to have with many free benefits!

2. Happier

This is a free app that I use multiple times a day to show gratitude for things big and small in my life. It's a great social community of folks just trying to stay positive! It’s way better than Facebook, in my opinion. This helps me stay focused on what's important in life. It also brings a ray of sunshine into my day when I’m dealing with naysayers in my personal life.

3. Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Guided Meditation for Relaxation Cycle, Hypnosis and Insomnia

This app is also free, and I use it every night before I go to sleep! If you didn’t already know, sleep is very important to your body, and helps maintain low stress levels. So getting a good night’s rest is key to maintaining a healthy body. This app is not only a great alarm clock, but it has an amazing soundtrack of sounds to help you drift to off to a peaceful slumber. Once in a while, if you hit the snooze button too much, the alarm will even give you an inspiring affirmation to start your day.

4. Sweet Beat

The cost of this app is $4.99, but the technology is well worth the investment. I use this to track my heart rate variability each morning before I work out. It helps me understand if I've pushed too hard in the previous day’s workout, or if I’m good to go for another one. It can also be used to detect food sensitives and daily stressors that you may not even be aware of! This app only works with a Bluetooth Polar heart rate monitor, so it does require extra equipment. If you're serious about your physical fitness, this is the way to go.

5. Pact: Earn Cash for Living Healthy

The ultimate in accountability. I only use this when I need a swift kick in the rear. You could earn or lose money by using this app! If setting a reward or punishment is enough to get you motivated into exercising, this is the app for you! Just check in at your local gym and you’re good to go!

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