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SAVE THE DATE: Live Facebook chat with Dr Rick Kausman

8/29 14:51:02

Join us on Friday 12th July at 12pm

Dr Rick Kausman's app for iPhone card - Women's Health & Fitness

Tired of telling yourself 'no' (pasta, cake, bread) or sick of being ruled by bathroom scales?

Join our live Facebook chat with Dr Rick Kausman, leading expert in eating behaviour and author of ‘If not dieting, then what?’, on Friday 12th July, 12-1pm.

Dr Rick Kausman is a medical doctor who is recognised as the Australian pioneer of the person-centred approach to healthy weight management.

Prepare for surprising insights into why diets don't work, and get exclusive access to non-diet tips for managing weight and eating.

Got a question for the doc? Jump onto our Facebook page at 12pm on Friday 12th July and join the discussion!

Disclaimer This on-line chat is not a replacement for individual medical/health care. Always consult your health care provider for individual advice.

Image taken from Dr RIck Kausman's If Not Dieting Empowerment Card App

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