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Cellactor (cellulite treatment)

8/29 14:49:03

Prone to cellulite? Cellactor is a non-invasive treatment that claims to blast fat cells and stimulate collagen production for improved contour and a smoother surface.

What is Cellactor?

Fat is just one component of what causes cellulite. You also have to address the breakdown of connective tissue, called septae, which holds the skin in place. That’s where the Cellactor comes in. The shock-wave technology blasts fat cells and stimulates collagen production for improved contour and a smoother surface. Madonna was reportedly so impressed, she bought her own personal machine!

What to expect?

First, your body is surveyed to determine the circumference and the degree of cellulite. A layer of ultrasound gel is then applied before the hand-held applicator is moved along the surface of the skin. As it doesn’t emit heat, there’s no risk of burning. There’s also minimum pain and no downtime. 


You’ll need a total of five to six 25 to 30 minute treatments over six weeks.

Results last for six to 12 months with limited maintenance sessions required.

For costs and more information, contact Acoustic Wave Therapy Essendon on 0421 128 522 /acousticwavetherapyessendon.com.


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