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Why You Shouldn’t Rush Weight Loss

8/29 14:33:00

The idea of losing weight sounds fun, but the process of doing it is a major deterrent. We scour the web for ways to drop pounds fast, and the Internet responds with a plethora of guides, books, articles and quick tips to get you were you want to be in record time. And while all of this may have us hopping on the bandwagon quicker than we imagined, it’s not the safest or healthiest way to go about it physically or mentally.

All weight loss paths are not created equal. James Fell from Body For Wife says that your starting weight determines the rate at which you can expect to drop pounds. So if you’re closer to your ideal size, you can anticipate losing weight slower than someone who has more to drop. Fell recommends losing  anywhere between half a pound to a pound per week. That may make you want to throw in the towel before you even start, but Fell says that it’s the necessary route for ensuring you drop weight in a way that is good for your body.


Rapid weight loss sounds wonderful, but Fell says that by doing so, you are causing the body to switch on a variety of mechanisms that will eventually slow the pace of your weight loss. In conclusion, this could create longterm, serious health issues. It’s more important to see your weight loss as a journey, and embrace it wholeheartedly, as opposed to a task you must quickly complete.

Have you tried to lose weight too quickly? What side effects did you notice?

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