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The 31 day Halloween weight loss challenge

8/27 15:53:50

It is 31 days until Halloween. For some people Halloween marks the start of the holiday season, which is the party season. OK, this may seem a little early, but it is not long after Halloween that we have Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and New Year are just around the corner.

It is during this time that many people put on a lot of weight, with office parties and family get-togethers, and this weight gets harder to lose every year.

One way to combat the “Holiday Season” weight gain is to prepare yourself well and start getting fit and losing weight before the festivities really get swinging. October is an ideal month for this. The Summer is over, the school term has started, there is a moment of relative quiet in the hectic annual calendar.

The 31 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Healthy weight loss is around 1 to 2 pounds per week, depending on how overweight you are to start with. This means that if you work hard you should be able to lose around 4 to 10 pounds before Halloween. You can also get much fitter.

So do not hesitate, sign up below to tell us your start weight, height and waist measurement, and start the 31 Day Fat Loss Challenge with your Motley crew!

NB. We originally published this in October 2010.

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