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Is It Possible To Lose 3 Pounds In 2 Days?

8/27 15:53:29

Lunch: tomato soup

There are claims that it is possible to lose as much as three pounds in two days. This is 1.5 pounds a day. Knowing that you need a daily calorie deficit of 1000 Calories to lose two pounds in a week, this seems incredibly unlikely.

However, as we have seen on TV shows such as The Biggest Loser, sometimes very overweight people do lose up to ten pounds in a week. In fact, only this year a 34-year-old Cameron on the Australian Biggest Loser lost 15 pounds in his first week – but that was with a lot of exercise along with a very restrictive diet. He weighed 146.4 pounds at the start of the week and dropped to 131.4 pounds by the next weigh-in.

The follow diet claims to help you to lose three pounds in two days. It is basically a very restrictive diet. No guarantees are provided! But if you need to lose a little weight quickly then this weight loss plan may help you to lose as much as 3 pounds in just 2 days.

The diet does not exclude any of the food groups so you will not be going zero carb today. The focus is on cutting sodium levels to help reduce water retention so that you lose weight quickly by carrying less unnecessary water under your skin.

If you wish to lose more weight then all you have to do is repeat this diet every two days. Although in the short term you will be losing mostly retained water, if you continue with this low calorie diet for 2 weeks you should be able to lose up to 20 pounds. Try to do some exercise too.

At the end of the diet only increase portion size slightly. There is a deceptive amount of energy in this diet so increasing the portions by 50% will probably be enough to ensure that you are still able to maintain weight loss for a couple of weeks. Also by increasing the portion size you will be able to start exercise more intensively. Don’t forget to do your stomach exercises too!

2 Day Diet – Day 1



Start the day with a bowl of low-fat natural yoghurt with a handful of fresh berries. Some honey is allowed if you require a sweeter taste.


Measure out 300g of tomato and basil soup, no more. Afterwards eat an orange and a tablespoon of plain nuts.


90g of chicken-style Quorn pieces stir fried with broccoli, red pepper, onion and some spinach. Use just 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and serve with 3 tablespoons of brown rice. Absolutely not white rice!

Evening Snack

2 kiwi fruits.

2 Day Diet – Day 2


A small bowl of porridge made with semi-skinned milk. Add a handful of raisins.


A small jacket potato (no more that 100g) with baked beans. Make sure the bean are a low salt and sugar variety.


A small grilled fish with a green salad. Dress the salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or just lemon juice.

Evening Snack

Chopped apple drizzled ion honey and topped with low fat yogurt.

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